LocalReport.Render() rendering only first page and not rendering all pages RRS feed

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  • We have used Microsoft.Reporting.Winforms for print functionality.We are using Report viewer and Local report classes.

    But LocalReport.Render() is rendering only single page.

    We have used below override of Render method

    Render(String^, String^, String^, String^, String^, array<String^>^, array<Warning^>^)

    as below-report.Render("IMAGE", deviceInfo, out mimeType, out encoding, out filenameExtension, out streamids, out warnings);

    deviceInfo is defined as shown in screenshot below.

    I have tried different options to fix this but nothing worked.

    I have tried setting StartPage property of deviceInfo to value Zero as per the suggestion on below link but it also didnt work.

    I have tried setting StartPage property as below-

     deviceInfo = deviceInfo +
                        " <OutputFormat>EMF</OutputFormat> " +
                        " <StartPage>0</StartPage>" +
                        " <MarginTop>0.25in</MarginTop>" +
                        " <MarginLeft>0.30in</MarginLeft>" +
                        " <MarginRight>0.0in</MarginRight>" +
                        " <MarginBottom>0.20in</MarginBottom>" +                   

    Could someone please advise how can this be fixed?

    My requirement is to print all pages but render method is rendering only first page and hence only first page is getting printed.



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