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  • Hi All - What is the best way to handle SOAP Exceptions with in BizTalk using a pure messaging only solution without using an orchestration? We are exposing schemas as WCF services (Synchronous Service). We call another web service using a Solicit response send port and return the response to the caller. We are using BizTalk internal canonical schemas to map the request and response messages from BizTalk exposed WCF service to the target web service and vice versa.

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    Srikanth Satuluri

    Sunday, May 13, 2012 6:33 PM


  • Srikanth,

    If you are using the WCF adapter on send side then for the two-way send port, you can choose whether to forward SOAP fault messages on to the original caller by selecting Propagate fault message. If this option is not selected, BizTalk Server will generate a NACK first, and then suspend the message. If it is selected, BizTalk Server will treat the message as a valid WCF response message from the external service and the response message will not be suspended because it is propagated.

    For more details see this link

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