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    I am working with a setup where three Kinect sensors are tracking the users along a wall. All three sensors are attached to their own systems which in turn are communicating via UDP with the 4th system which is running the main application.

    The tracking and everything else works fine but there is a definite delay before the kinect systems respond to a new user walking within their range. For example, if the user is walking along the wall from left to right, the moment s/he crosses over the edge from the range of the first Kinect to that of the second one, the application is supposed to respond but, more often than not, it only detects the user after s/he is way past the edge, sometimes after the user has already reached the halfway point into the second kinect range. If the user moves very slowly then the issue is not that obvious, or if s/he is walking slowly sideways then also it's kinda manageable, but when walking normally at a steady pace, the issue comes up regularly.

    The tricky part is that we just updated from the older kinects to the v2 sensors and this issue is not there with the older sensors, so it can't just be blamed on the way the sensors behave by default. The older ones used a Processing/OpenNI based application for kinect tracking while the new ones use a modified version of the Body-Basics D2D example in C++.

    This delay is only there before the initial detection happens. It works perfectly in sync after the user has been detected so it's not as if there is a constant delay between an event taking place and the sensors relaying that information to the system.

    To give some more information about the setup, the sensors are mounted high up about ~7-8 ft from the ground and about 1-1.5 m away from the area where the users are walking. The users are either facing away from the sensors when watching the display on the opposite wall, or walking normally in  a direction parallel to the sensors. 

    Any idea what could be going wrong and what can be done to resolve the issue?

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