AM35x slow RAM Speed in WinEC 7 RRS feed

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    I determined, that our AM35x board works in WinEC 7 with very slow RAM copy speed. I think we reach only 500kByte/s at the moment, but I don't no why. The ddr2 RAM works with 166MHz clock and the bootloader initialize the DDR2 RAM properly, because the bootloader copy speed is much higher.

    Description of my test scenario: I copy one file from USB stick to winEC root folder (RAM based filesystem). After that I create a copy of the file in the root folder. During creating this file copy I reach only 500kByte/s. I think the speed should be much higher.

    I also run the BMQ Benchmark Test for WinCE. In the memory section I reach 3000 points. I think this is a normal value for AM35x. I found a reference measurement with the TI eva board with roughly the same value. So the ddr2 access speed is normal but the filesystem speed is very slow.

    Does anybody have an idea what's can be the issue?

    PS: We use the adeneo BSP version 2.3.0 for TI AM35x.

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    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 9:24 AM