Unable to attach approval workflow: error loading form RRS feed

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  • I created a form library: in this form library the filled in forms will be saved. I attached a custom content type to it, which has an InfoPath form as template. The InfoPath template resides in another library: this library doesn't contain filled in forms, only template forms.


    When trying to attach the 'approval' workflow to the form library, where users will be filling in the forms, I get an error: I am redirected to a page 'Customize Workflow'. I get on this page a pop-up Window from InfoPath Forms Services which says something like: There is an error while loading the form ('Er is een fout opgetreden bij het laden van het formulier' is the exact error, as I installed the Dutch language pack).

    It indicates it cannot find the form.


    If I click 'close' on the pop-window, the 'Customize workflow' page is shown with on it a message: 'The form is closed'.


    When trying to attach the 'collect signatures' workflow, everything works fine.


    In the log file of MOSS I found this message:

    07/05/2007 12:14:41.88  w3wp.exe (0x015C)                        0x03FC Forms Server                   Forms Services Runtime         82fp Warning  Exception occurred during request processing. (User: PatrikLC, Form Name: , IP: , Request: http://mossserver/_layouts/CstWrkflIP.aspx?List={4B9549D5-B58E-4D51-8CFB-3D3DB309B0E6}, Form ID: , Type: InfoPathLocalizedException, Exception Message: Het opgegeven formulier kan niet worden gevonden) 

    Thursday, July 5, 2007 10:20 AM


  • I found the solution myself:

    * I deactivated the feature ReviewWorkflows using stsadm

    * I uninstalled the feature ReviewWorkflows using stsadm

    * I re-installed the feature ReviewWorkflows using stsadm

    * I re-activated the feature ReviewWorkflows using stsadm


    And hey, everything is working fine now. Don't know why this feature got messed up, but my best guess is: an automatic update of the Windows operating system... Because lots of other stuff got messed up after this automatic update.

    Thursday, July 12, 2007 10:32 AM