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    1. Can it be confirmed that change listeners can only be attached to an entity instance if it is NEW? If so, brilliant for the EDIT entity experience :-(
    2. If confirmed (yuck), is there any way around this apart from having to add listeners on any and all screen code-behind that may bind to that entity type (double yuck)?
    3. Sometimes I might want to go direct to the server to create entities and save them. This means that all custom validation code and change listening code has to be duplicated on the entity type (Js, C#). Can this be confirmed and that there is no way around this?
    4. Sometimes I have fields in the db that are not nullable, but I do not wish the user to fill these (they are not shown), I don't want the client to block me, via inherent validation, from sending them down to the server for processing (and populating) say, during the inserting event and don't want to write wasteful (essentially duplicate, albeit in Js) property fill code in the 'created' event for that very reason. Can this be achieved in some way?

    Thanks all


    Ian Mac

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 2:28 PM