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    I won't add another urlrewriter how-to post to this board, I've already gotten that part to work. It's been a while since I worked on the subjected, last time it was on NET 1.x. Back then I remember reading abit about using wildcard mapping urls without a filename (http://mydomain.com/somename/) and that you would have to create the files-structure and a default.aspx in that folder even if you didn't need it (a sort of placeholder to get it to work).

    A couple of articles mentioned that there would be a nice workaround, come .net 2.0, since the new framework provided a managed wrapper for some call to IIS which would help you with this. The problem with net 1.x version was that you had no way of accessing this api. I can't for the lift of me remember exactly what the call was.

    So could someone shed some light on the subject? I wan't to play around with that API now that I have a 2.0 development environment to play with, and sadly I lost my favorties folder a while back and with it all the saves urls to the articles I dug up.

    PS. No I don't wan't to use the new built in urlrewriter technolog of asp.net, I have a custom one that lets me do regex matching, much like Scott's version on MSDN (except it's been extended more).

    Thursday, May 11, 2006 4:35 PM

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