[SOLVED] How to use catalog item variable in image_reg.h ?? RRS feed

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  • I have selected one of the RAM variable via Catalog Items and I want to use it in image_reg.h file as

    #if (CONFIG_DDR3_128M16 == 1)

    #define IMAGE_WINCE_RAM_DISK_SIZE_HEX     A00000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_CODE_SIZE           0x2800000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_RAM_SIZE            0x2800000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_DISPLAY_TOTAL_SIZE 0x1000000

    // ---- COMSIC RAM, NK, DISPLAY, RAMDISK Size --- 
    #elif (CONFIG_DDR3_256M8 == 1) || (CONFIG_DDR3_256M16 == 1)

    #define IMAGE_WINCE_RAM_DISK_SIZE_HEX    06000000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_CODE_SIZE           0x061FE000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_RAM_SIZE            0x06E00000
    #define IMAGE_WINCE_DISPLAY_TOTAL_SIZE 0x02000000


    But during the time of building, it displays an error as 

    Error - variable "IMAGE_WINCE_CODE_SIZE" not defined
    Error on config.bib:34
        NK            $(IMAGE_WINCE_CODE_CA)         $(IMAGE_WINCE_CODE_SIZE)          RAMIMAGE    ;

    merge Task: Failed with error 1 calling "Fmerge -bib C:\WINCE700\OSDesigns\PhytecAM335x_RDK\PhytecAM335x_RDK\RelDir\PhyCORE_AM335x_BSP_ARMV7_Release\ce.bib config.bib common.bib dcom.bib ie7.bib servers.bib cellcore.bib netcfv35.bib sqlcompact.bib ossvcs.bib shell.bib wceshellfe.bib wceappsfe.bib msf.bib datasync.bib mediaapps.bib apps.bib project.bib platform.bib PBUserProjects.bib OSDesign.bib C:\WINCE700\OSDesigns\PhytecAM335x_RDK\PhytecAM335x_RDK\RelDir\PhyCORE_AM335x_BSP_ARMV7_Release\multiui.bib."
    C:\WINCE700\public\common\oak\misc\makeimg.proj(367,5): error : MAKEIMG: ERROR: An error occurred while making the image. Please inspect the image log.
    Done Building Project "C:\WINCE700\public\common\oak\misc\makeimg.proj" (default targets) -- FAILED.

    Build FAILED.

    So, my point is that how to use catalog item variable value in image_reg.h for checking the condition ....... 

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