Is Multi-Targeting support this feature?


  • For example: I have one set of source code and I'd like to compile it to target to both .NET Framework and Silverlight. In VS2008, I have to setup two project, one for .NET Framework, one for Silverlight, then I add source code files to one project and in another project use "Add as Link" to add link to the same files. When I add or remove files to one project, I have to add or remove links to another project synchronally.

    Could we do it more easily? For example, just select one or more target platform in the project propoty page, then the build system automatically build several target output in different folders. Or I have several project, one "main project" to hold the source code, several "sub project" to hold the links to the source code. When files add to or removed from the main project, the sub projects chanaged automatically.

    Is VS2010 support it? Or the required feature is already in VS2008 but I have not noticed it?


    Lei Jiang
    Lei Jiang
    Sunday, December 21, 2008 1:04 PM