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    Hello All,

    I need to implement a functionality where I need to replace some HTML tags from a large HTML string with some values from database. I have implemented this using the following code, but it is taking too long when the data is very heavy. Is there a way to make it faster. May be by using Linq or using some other approach:

    For index = 0 To ArrayDynamicValues.Length - 1
         Dim item As String() = ArrayDynamicValues(index).Split(New String() {","}, StringSplitOptions.None)
         Dim strFind = item(0)
         Dim m As Match = Regex.Match(HTMLText, strFind, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)
         Do While m.Success
              Dim AfterContent As String = _HTMLText.Substring(m.Index)
              Dim startIndex = m.Index + AfterContent.IndexOf(">") + 1
              Dim endIndex = m.Index + AfterContent.IndexOf("<")
              _HTMLText= _HTMLText.Substring(0, startIndex ) + item(1) + _HTMLText.Substring(endIndex )
              m = m.NextMatch()

    Thanks in Advance !!

    Gurpreet Singh

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013 9:39 PM