.NET to Native COM Fails Using SxS activation RRS feed

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  • Trying to create a relatively simple interop between a .net 4.0 application and a native COM component. 

    Manually generating an the interop followed and manually registering of the com server it works then all works fine. Having the UAC HKCR restriction in Vista makes it almost impossible to use VS in this environment. 

    But I'm restricted to Vista, there is a significant IT client policy lock down. It will not possible to distribute an the application that requires writing to the HKCR hive. Hence I try to use SxS Activation on the for the native com component.

    Has anyone managed to get a  .net4 C# application to instantiate an object in a native C++ dll ,using SxS activation on vista. 

    On adding the client manifest VS immediately generates "could not find file ... " error when compiling the .Net client.

    All files are deployed in the same directory...  

    The MT tool seems to have generated an OK manifest with <comInterfaceProxyStubs> etc and embedded it into the native .dll binary.

    The TLB is also embedded and has all interface references etc. the interfaces are automation compatilble and proxy/stubs are merged into the native dll (oicf compiled using stubless proxies).

    It seems to be an apparent technology gap between OS and MS technologies / tools 


    Monday, February 6, 2012 2:30 PM