Screen Flicking - minor to "strobe" RRS feed

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  • I am running a Lenovo Tablet Thinkpad using Windows 8 and Office Home & Business 2013.  I have a second screen (Samsung) and Microsoft keypad & mouse connected via the docking station.

    From outset of this set up in November 2013 the screen "flicks" occasionally and often comes up as "not responding" however I put that down to the tiny brain of the Tablet.

    Recently the flicking has become more intense - to the point where it now appears as a "strobe" as the screen flicks form open program to desktop or if multiple open across all.

    The only way to stop it is Ctrl, Alt, Delete to bring up task manager (nothing else works while this is occurring).  When TM comes up simply close it down and all is good with the world again.  Fro 5 minutes to 5 hours - although is becoming more frequent.

    We have done an online office Fix, disabled Hardware Graphics Acceleration, Run Windows Troubleshooting, updated every driver known to man and run the Tablet as a stand alone tablet on battery, hooked to docking station on power, with one Office program running and all running.  We have disabled any unused background programs and converted display to white only.

    NOTHING works while office is open.  When using internet (such as now) all is good.

    I am ditching the Lenovo Tablet and going back to a laptop however will be using same program set up.

    What is the problem here and more importantly - what is the solution?

    Sunday, March 16, 2014 10:10 PM