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  • Hello,

    I am having troubles debugging a Windows Phone 8.1 app (Silverlight). I understand WP81 is kind of obsolete, but my client has a considerable user base using Windows Phone and so far has refused porting to UWP.

    Anyway, while there are no issues with building and deploying the app (both to a phisical device and an emulator), I'm unable to start a debugging session. I always get this error window "A specified communication resource (port) is already in use by another application" while the status bar states that VS "failed to run Aghost.exe".

    I'm currently re-installing VS2015 from scratch (repair install did not fix my issue) and that will hopefully take care of this. However, I have some doubts, since I couldn't fist AGHOST.EXE anywhere on my disk (when VS2015 was still installed, of course).

    Can anyone suggest where I should find this "AGHOST.EXE"????

    Thank you for all input.

    Edit: for the sake of clarity, I'm using VS2015 with Update 3

    Edit #2: I've been experimenting. An empty WP 8.1 Silverlight app will get the "comm port busy" error, while an empty WP 8.1 "native" app will debug correctly. Still no sign of "AGHOST" (does it run in the phone/emulator???); I couldn't find any relevant log file either.  TBH I'm running in a domain with strict domain policies, could those be the reason? Where can I find some meaningful log? I.e. one that tells me what port is in use by other process.... 

    Also, I'm running a single instance of VS2015 - there's no other development tool running.

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