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    While reading a reply to your question, you will notice a button with an icon that says "Mark as Answer."   Please select this button when a reply answers your question.


    There are several reasons to do this:

    • Our search engine weights Answered questions more highly. By marking Answers you increase the chances that others searching this forum will find the answer directly rather than re-posting the question.
    • You give credit to the hard working folks who answer your questions. This is peer to peer support, so recognition is our only reward. (Check out the Top Answerers in 30 Days chart at the bottom of the thread list to see who is currently answering questions.)
    • You help Microsoft to track the health of this forum. Our forum gets 'measured' based on how many unanswered questions are in it at any time and we work hard to keep those numbers to as low a level as possible. By marking answers, others get a more accurate understanding of how well (or badly) things are going on the forum.


    You can also vote "Yes" or "No" if the reply was helpful.


    Thank you!


      Ed Hickey

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  • Hey, How could I post new article in this forum. After I click "Ask a question", It jump to new article edit page and ask me to choose a forum! I could not find this Windows Workflow Fundation forum from the list!

    Welkin Hu
    Thursday, May 7, 2009 9:27 AM
  • Could you also NOT mark questions as answered after just a few days of inactivity (3 days was apparently all it took... 3 days?...)

    Just because you are at a high confidence that your answer as a moderator was THE answer at all...
    Doesn't mean it was even close to be...

    I have had Questions DIE because of such arrogance...

    Thank you...

    P.S... This was a post in general to the moderator team, not directly at the poster of this topic.

    Kind Regards
    Jens Melgaard
    Systems Engineer

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    Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:33 PM