Help me group by linq.


  • XDocument xmlthandongdatviet = XDocument.Load(@"Assets/XMLthandongdatviet.xml");
                List<thandong> thandong = (from query2 in xmlthandongdatviet.Elements("truyen").Elements("thandongdatviet")

                                           select new thandong
                                               page = query2.Element("tieudetrang").Value,
                                               seri = query2.Element("taptruyen").Value,
                                               urltitle = query2.Element("duongdantieude").Value


    I want group by all seri

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 3:57 AM


  • Hello,

    For the group syntax in LINQ, you can follow below example:

    var result = from t in db.Table30314s
                 group new { t.Name, t.Mon, t.Tue, t.Wed, t.Thu, t.Fri } by t.Name into newt
                 select new
                     Name = newt.Key,
                     Mon = newt.Sum(n => n.Mon),
                     Tue = newt.Sum(n => n.Tue),
                     Wed = newt.Sum(n => n.Wed),
                     Thu = newt.Sum(n => n.Thu),
                     Fri = newt.Sum(n => n.Fri),
                     Description = (from tt in db.Table30314s
                                    where tt.Name == newt.Key && tt.Description != null
                                    select tt.Description).FirstOrDefault()

    This LINQ query groups by t.Name.

    For more information regarding group in LINQ, you can refer to this link:


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    Thursday, April 24, 2014 1:31 AM