Geocode Returns Error After Loaded For A Long Time RRS feed

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  • I have a web page which has a search box on it for geocoding addresses next to the map control, which users use periodically to find locations and zoom the map to them. The web page is showing several tile overlays of our own data and users zoom around the map to view the data in a particular area. The page is part of our internal tooling and may be loaded for several days at a time without being reloaded.

    The code is very straight forwards, when the page is loaded a call is made to loadModule for the search, and then a SearchManager object is created. When the user types in our search box a geocode request is made on the SearchManager. The results are received in a callback and shown to the user in a list, clicking them zooms the map.

    After the page has been loaded for a while (around ~1hr), the SearchManager always returns via the errorCallback, without any results, no matter what is searched for. I have tried recreating the SearchManager on failure, and even calling loadModule again, but none of this fixes the issue. The search becomes 'stuck' until the entire page is reloaded. I feel this has started happening within the last few months, and was previously working on the V8 control.

    I wonder if there is something timing sessions or similar internally and it isn't letting us search once this has happened?

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 8:25 AM