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  • Sculpture is a new track in the Model-Driven development dream ...!

    Sculpture is a .NET open source Model-Driven Development code generation framework ideal for creating and managing .NET Enterprise Applications.

    With Sculpture you can model your application components, and then transform this model to deployable components for your favorite technology.

    Sculpture comes with a host of ready-made Molds (The word Molds come from Molding) like (DAAB, NHibernate, LINQ, WCF, ASMX, SQL Server, MYSQL ).

    LINQ Mold Generate Entities and data access layer using LINQ TO SQL.

    It generate the following:

    1. Entities with LINQ attributes, plus wide functionalities to facilitate the treatment with them.
    2. Repository classes with the default data access methods (GetAll, GetById, GetByForignkeys, Find, Insert, Update, Delete).
    3. Interfaces for the repository classes.
    4. Data context class hold tables for all entities.
    5. Base class for all repositories.

    Why using LINQ Mold instead of LINQ to SQL Designer?

    • LINQ Mold generates the data context class in the data access project for separation of the concerns.
    • LINQ Mold empowers the entities with wide functionalities that can help the developers in their work.
    • With LINQ Mold switching your domain model to another implementation technology (NHibernate, DAAB ...) is easy and available now.
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    Friday, September 19, 2008 7:11 PM