Security Update for .Net Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7x86(KB244709) Failed


  • A security update was pushed out on our network a couple of weeks ago, but one user is getting this error.

    I checked that the user is running Windows 7 32 bit.

    I attempted to manually install the download from the microsoft page: (making sure that I chose the Windows6.1-KB2446709-x86.msu version

    I tried running the .msu download, still failed

    I tried saving the .msu download to C:\224709 and running the installation from the command line with the following commands

    • expand -f:* "C:\224709\Windows6.1-KB224709-x86.msu" %TEMP%
    • pkgmgr.exe /n:%TEMP%\Windows6.1-KB244709-X86.xml

    When I ran the above pkrmgr.exe command an error message popped up saying "Operation Failed: The Component Store has been corrupted"

    Just to see if it would still install from the command line anyway I tried the following on the command line

    • wusa.exe C:\224709\Windows6.1-KB224709-x86.msu

    Windows installer windows pops up and it begins the installation, but fails part way through and comes up with the same error "Security Update for .Net Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7x86(KB244709)  Failed" :(

    Any ideas on how to address this would be appreciated!

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