Kinect 2 unable to get depth data and randomly restarting RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I've been trying to develop using the XboxOne Kinect 2 with the Kinect PC adaptor (bought from amazon) for my third year project.

    It was working fine in the configuration verifier and sample programs, displaying both colour and depth streams fine, albeit at a low-ish frame rate (jumpinig between 20-27 fps).

    Then yesterday I finally figured out how to use the sdk to initialise the kinect and get the data streams etc, and when I tried to build and run it it worked for a few seconds and then the kinect restarted itself, then the colour stream worked for a few seconds then froze and it restarted again.

    I tried the sample programs and the configuration verifier but am getting the exact same problems. I've followed all the steps I can find online and verified my laptop meets the system requirements. Examples of steps tried: safe uninstall and re-install of kinect sdk and kinect runtime with restarting in between, disconnecting and reconnecting the device multiple times, updating all the possible drivers (graphics, kinect, etc) and disabled all the power saving options to ensure my PC is running in high performance mode. BUT I still keep getting these problems!

    Please could somebody help?


    Sunday, October 18, 2015 2:56 PM