I want to access and backup my data RRS feed

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  • Dear,

    I need your help as soon as possible, please.

    Let me make more clear about my crucial sistuation.

    1. My Azure account is kind of promotion product from an other software provider. I just have the account and login information. Do not have any kind of contract IR or access ID.

    2. I have been running and hosting some websites in this server.

    3. Now, I can not accesss my database to backup my data as well as fix codes. All my websites have died already.

    4. I want to solve this problem.

    Hence, How I can?, need I:

    - Buy an support plan, such as Developer (price: USD29)


    - Submit an specialise form Please help me.

    Additionally, I can not find a phone number to contact with Azure. I have even phoned to Sale phone number in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam but have no receiving.

    Many thanks, again.

    Do Quoc Viet Anh

    +84 91 4769 091

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015 4:23 PM