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  • Hi. I have "Validation Test Results"

    " Your add-in must use add-in commands since it triggers on all messages or all appointments. Add-in commands have been introduced as they lead to a better, much more discoverable, native and engaging experience To find out how to implement add-in commands, please see this article:

     Your add-in is not working in the Outlook 2016 Client on Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 or the Outlook 2013 Client on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11. We are unable to trigger your add-in when reading any email. Note: When the email is viewed in the Outlook Web App, we are able to insert your add-in."

    I can not understand what I'm doing wrong. And Why my add-in not show in Outlook ?

    my manifest(all url work): 

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <ProviderName>Information Technologies Ltd.</ProviderName>
      <DisplayName DefaultValue="Clobbi CRM" />
      <Description DefaultValue="Clobbi CRM"/>
      <IconUrl DefaultValue="" />
      <HighResolutionIconUrl DefaultValue="" />
      <SupportUrl DefaultValue=""></SupportUrl>
        <Host Name="Mailbox" />
        <Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.1">
          <Set Name="MailBox" />
      <FormSettings >
        <Form xsi:type="ItemRead">
            <SourceLocation DefaultValue=""/>
      <Rule xsi:type="RuleCollection" Mode="Or">
        <Rule xsi:type="ItemIs" ItemType="Message" FormType="Read" />
        <Rule xsi:type="ItemIs" ItemType="Appointment" FormType="Read" />
      <VersionOverrides xmlns="" xsi:type="VersionOverridesV1_0">
        <Description resid="residDescription" />
          <bt:Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.3">
            <bt:Set Name="Mailbox" />
          <Host xsi:type="MailHost">
             <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface">
                <OfficeTab id="TabDefault">
                  <Group id="msgReadDemoGroup">
                    <Label resid="groupLabel" />
                     <Control xsi:type="Button" id="msgReadOpenPaneButton">
                      <Label resid="paneReadButtonLabel" />
                        <Title resid="paneReadSuperTipTitle" />
                        <Description resid="paneReadSuperTipDescription" />
                        <bt:Image size="16" resid="green-icon-16" />
                        <bt:Image size="32" resid="green-icon-32" />
                        <bt:Image size="80" resid="green-icon-80" />
                      <Action xsi:type="ShowTaskpane">
                        <SourceLocation resid="readTaskPaneUrl" />
            <bt:Image id="green-icon-16" DefaultValue="MY_URL"/>
            <bt:Image id="green-icon-32" DefaultValue="MY_URL"/>
            <bt:Image id="green-icon-80" DefaultValue="MY_URL"/>     
            <bt:Url id="functionFile" DefaultValue="MY_URL"/>
            <bt:Url id="readTaskPaneUrl" DefaultValue="MY URL"/>            
            <bt:String id="groupLabel" DefaultValue="Clobbi CRM"/>
            <bt:String id="paneReadButtonLabel" DefaultValue="Clobbi CRM"/>
            <bt:String id="paneReadSuperTipTitle" DefaultValue="Нажмите чтобы открыть Clobbi CRM."/>
            <bt:String id="paneReadSuperTipDescription" DefaultValue="Нажмите чтобы открыть Clobbi CRM."/>

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016 9:37 AM

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  • <Description resid="residDescription" /> refers to a resid that isn't included in your <Resources>.

    The reason it isn't showing up at all is related to this. When you define VersionOverrides Outlook for Windows will ignore the default settings (i.e. the settings you are "overriding"). When it encounters an error within VersionOverrides it cannot render the add-in command. Unfortunately Outlook will not "fall back" to the default handling, it will simply fail to load the add-in.

    Thursday, June 2, 2016 6:41 PM