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    Our application uses C# (VS 2005) for UI, Java for midtier and integration is handled through Tibco EMS. XML is the mode of transport used with Tibco EMS.


    When Java develops the contracts, they publish the contracts as XSD using JAXB. These xsds has inner reference to other xsds too. On the C# side, we generate classes from XSD using XSDObjectGen. This tool does a good job of providing C# classes and we use these objects whole through the client layer so that we can avoid duplicating and extra layer for the business object and transformation.


    Problem: The biggest problem with this conversion is the generated classes does not support nullable types and Generics. I remember trying XSD.exe also and does not solve the problem.


    I think some one wrote XSDClassGen to supplement with these features. That has other issues too.


    Does any one has worked with other tools for this scenario which does a good job with taking all the 2.0 features ?






    Tuesday, September 2, 2008 3:04 AM

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