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  • Hi,
    we are getting ready to submit our application to the microsoft platform testfor isv solutions.

    While going through the Microsoft Windows Client checklist (from veritest specs), to verify that our application comply with all requirements, we found a problem in the second Fundamental  Requirement (2. Use Windows resources appropriately). We used the app verifier to test our application and it produced two errors :
    -      Critical section not initialized
    -      Unloading DLL containing an active critical section

    They are produced just by executing the exe, without doing anything else.

    Later we tried this appverifier in a empty application, and both errors were also produced. We only created a new project (with an empty form), build it, and executed it, without doing anything else.
    Both these application were made in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (SP6).

    We are using the latest available App Verifier (Version 4.0.665)

    Can anyone help with this?


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