VS 2010 Designer Resizes some controls


  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the VS 2010 designer.  I did not have this before, and only started to get it recently.
    The problem that I have is that the desiner changes the size of some of my controls.  These controls usually have an anchor setting of left, right, top and sometimes bottom, but resize beyond the size of the containing control.  The issue has started when I was trying to test my application with different DPI settings.  I would setup the solution in standard DPI, then change my DPI settings to medium and run the project and see if it looked the way I wanted in the Medium DPI setting.  After I started to get the error, I realized that VS 2010 designer display controls based on the DPI settings and stopped running VS with the Medium DPI setting.  Unfortunately I am now stuck with the error even in the Standard DPI settings.  I believe that there is some kind of a setting problem, either that my windows 7 setting are not set properly, but I have changed the DPI settings to standard DPI (96) and also change back the font to Segoe UI, with size 9.  Or for these controls, the IDE does not save the DPI settings correctly and thus when I load the form, the designer converts the sizes from Medium DPI settings to Standard DPI setting not realizing that the sizes are already in the Standard DPI setting.

    Thank you for the Help.

    Sunday, May 27, 2012 3:29 PM