win 8.1 converting to look like 7 ? why? RRS feed

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  • I bought a laptop with win 8.1 on it, got used to the new operating system, and love it, but now microsoft has put out a critical update in wich make it look like win 7 by adding a minimize and close option on all windows.  Im losing interest in 8.1 nowsince that update, how much further is microsoft going to go with the reverting of 8.1 to win 7 look.  people have the choice to buy win 7 or 8 or 8.1.  You had a great thing going, a whole new look. let poeple get angry, they will get used to it..took me a day to get used to 8.1 from my previous computer wich had win XP.  is this the new irection for 8.1?..to cater to win xp and win 7 users only?..any feedback on this issue would greatly be appreciated.  im almost thinking on going to apple, since microsoft cant seem to climb into the future respectively, to me it seems microsoft would rather stay with the old OS. than to look into the future.  the way I see it, if I wanted windows 7, I would have bought win 7.  No I bought win 8.1 because i love the new feel. thanks for allowing me to post in the forum, and I hope to get some feedback on the direction microsoft is taking . thank you. K.L.
    Thursday, April 10, 2014 4:03 AM