Why does Windows 8 look like a Frankenstein? (ie: Metro does not flow into the desktop "Experience") RRS feed

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  • Im sure this has been asked many times, But Windows 8 in the normal desktop environment looks like 7 with alot of things tacked on, with bits of Metro like things throughout making for a Frankenstein look. The Metro look should flow throughout the entire system. Im a 3D Artist and do alot of web work and spend all of my time in the desktop environment using Cinema 4D, Adobe suite, CorelDraw and the same goes for many of my friends.

    Where is the real love for the professional? We are not going to be spending our time messing about with tiles and little Windows 8 apps. I know there is time before the final look and feel of the OS comes through but will there be a nice flow and look between the more tablet friendly Metro tile interface and the desktop part or will it continue to look like two totaly separate OS's with the desktop looking like some Metro bled in? 

    The metro looking start with the old Windows 7 Metro taskbar looks bad because it looks like an afterthought. The other little bit of Metro throughout look the same. If MS is serious about the OS and want to keep Pro's happy where they will spend allot of time in a desktop environment, they need to make the metro look flow throughout. All the shinny stuff and transparency of the Windows 7 / Vista look should go away.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 5:10 PM