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  • Hello,
    First of all, im not sure whether im posting in the right forum, so if i'm not, i'd be glad if someone referes me to the right one.

    Im trying to register a .Net assembly as a COM+ service.  The assembly was compiled ussing .Net framework 1.0.3705.
    After installing .Net framework 1.0.3705 SDK, I went to the command line and ran the following:

    C:\tmp\tmp>regsvcs sapclog.dll
    Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Services Installation Utility Version 1.0.3705.0
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2001.  All rights reserved.

    Installed Assembly:
            Assembly: C:\tmp\tmp\sapclog.dll
            Application: SAPCLog
            TypeLib: c:\tmp\tmp\SAPCLog.tlb


    After that, I go to Administrative Tools->Components Services->COM+Applications. There I see the new component
    registered (but not started).  What i trying to do is to generate a new MSI package. To do so, i selected "Export" and then
    "Proxy Application".  When I click on Next i got the following error message:

    Catalog Error An error occurred while processing the last operation. 

    Error code 800110031
    The event log may contain additional troubleshooting information.

    However, i see nothing loged in the event viewer.

    I was able to successfuly run this procedure in other machines with (aparentely) identical configuration, getting the
    MSI generated:

    - Windows XP Professional SP2
    - Framework SDK 1.0

    I would really appreciate any help on this provided that I could not find anything regarding this error on the Internet.  I'll be glad to provide any further information needed.


    Monday, May 5, 2008 7:28 PM