Interrupt data capture operations IOCTL_BIOMETRIC_CAPTURE_DATA in FMA? RRS feed

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  • I will implement WBDI-driver and EngineAdapter for Windows 8 (x86) on the basis of "Windows Biometric Driver Samples".
    The problem is the following:

    1. Start capturing data using one of the functions: WinBioCaptureSampleWithCallback, WinBioLocateSensorWithCallback,
       WinBioEnrollCaptureWithCallback ...;

    2. Call the WinBioCancel function to stop capturing data;

    3. The corresponding callback function returns status: WINBIO_E_CANCELED = 0x80098004
       "The biometric operation was canceled before it could complete",
       but the query you created in CBiometricDevice::OnCaptureData is not interrupted and enter continues;

    4. Query created by me in CBiometricDevice::OnCaptureData marked m_PendingRequest->MarkCancelable (this),
       in the function CBiometricDevice::OnCancel will stop the flow of input, but the call did not occur,
       function call CBiometricDevice::OnCancel only occurs WinBioCloseSession.

    Regards, MaxAlex.

    Friday, July 5, 2013 5:00 AM