Is there any way to get the User's logout time in SharePoint 2010 ? RRS feed

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  • We have a web application which contains several sub sites. And we want to generate a report which has to give the user’s login and logout time for the each sub site. We need to generate a report  (as displayed below)

    User                         module                                                       Date                    login                   log out 

    Domain/admin1         http://sharepoint:1111/RoutingRules/          03/18/2013         10:30                  10:45

    Domain/admin1         http://sharepoint:1111/Knowledge/              03/18/2013         10:45                  10:55

    Domain/admin2         http://sharepoint:1111/RoutingRules/          03/18/2013         10:55                  11:15


    1. We have tried with the SharePoint content database WSS_UsageApplications (or WSS_Logging) "RequestUsage" view but I could not find the realted columns. Ex :- "Duration" in the view RequestUsage -- time for the front-end Web server to process the request
    2. While working on this issue we have found below observations in the forums. “There is no direct way to determine user logout event because there are many possible scenarios when user may go way from your site without clicking on logout button and his authentication cookies will be expired, so technically he will be logged out but without particular event.”


    1. Is duration useful to know the log out time? Or any other field or table is there to know the log out time?
    2. Any other third party tool available to achieve our requirement ?
    3. Please provide us to appropriate solution to achieve our requirement.

    Regards, Deepak Koduri

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013 7:21 AM


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