ElectronJS Desktop APP upload to Microsoft Store RRS feed

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  • We have generated exe with ElecronJS, converted the exe to .msix with MSIX packaging tool.

    Now we are trying to upload packages to Partner Center, but we are getting the following errors:

    • You must provide a package that supports each selected device family (or uncheck the box for unsupported device families). Note that targeting the Xbox device family requires a neutral or x64 package.

    • You must upload at least one package. If you are using market groups, then each market group must have at least one package.

    • You must fix all package validation errors before submitting.

    Interprefy-1.0.12_1.0.15.0_x64__fevz2npxjdrhc.msix97.4 MB

    • Package acceptance validation error: The package Interprefy-1.0.12_1.0.15.0_x64__fevz2npxjdrhc.msix doesn't contain any Application elements in the app manifest file.

    • Package acceptance validation error: Interprefy-1.0.12_1.0.15.0_x64__fevz2npxjdrhc.msix is not valid. You cannot upload msix/msixbundle/msixupload packages that targets Windows MinVersion <= 10.0.17134.0.

    • Package acceptance validation error: The following TargetDeviceFamily dependencies are not supported: MSIXCore.Desktop

    • Package acceptance validation error: The following TargetDeviceFamily dependencies specified in StoreManifest.xml are not a subset of the TargetDeviceFamily dependencies specified in AppxManifest.xml: [MSIXCore.Desktop, 10.0.10240.0]

    • Package acceptance validation warning: The following restricted capabilities require approval before you can use them in your app: runFullTrust.

    As far as I understand, the normal upload is going from the Visual Studio directly to Partners center, but is there a way to fix the items above with the help of MSIX packaging tool, or Visual Studio is a must?

    Thursday, October 8, 2020 4:58 AM