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  • My goal is to create a windows store game (non directX) which supports multiplayer and facebook integration.  I plan on utilizing Azure to host the cloud service/database but I'm not sure of the exact project types I would need to get this going.  I've looked a lot of tutorials related to websockets but it doesn't seem like this application would be good for it.

    I would need some service that would be able to match-make and create game sessions and enable two way communication client/server via all participants.  The SQL database back-end would be just to store the state of things as well as statistics.

    This type of architecture doesn't seem to lend itself to a "web server" technology in my mind and yet most of the examples and tutorials I'm come across seem to want to utilize them.  Is an easier solution to utilize a single cloud windows service or WCF service?  

    Perhaps I'm just not sure of all of the differences between the many different options.  Any illumination from the community would be very helpful.



    I wish I could program in theory. Everything works there.

    Monday, June 3, 2013 11:05 PM