Prioritize VS2015 NuGet packaging not restoration


  • As the title suggests, I seriously question why RESTORATION and not PACKAGING would be slated for automation. Restoration already had a solution in the sense that it could be enabled. Whether that should be by convention or configuration is a matter for another topic.

    However, in my view, the real challenge is PACKAGING, including the correct assembly and package references, targeting the correct frameworks and platforms, now so more than ever with the promotion of the .NET framework across platforms.

    This being said, so now with VS2015+ we can expect automated package restoration. Fine, all well and good.

    But what about packaging? What is the path forward there? Where do we find NuGet.exe, for instance? Or is that "bundled" with MSBuild, now, as well?

    Any inside, advice, would be appreciated. I've found third-party tools such as NuBuild, but if there is a readily built-in way of packaging, that would be better.

    Thank you...

    Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:17 PM

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