Need for someone to analyze code to find out why it gives me an exception


  • I have this large class in another C# application. I placed it in GitHub because of the size. It is a Microsoft Class that I copied about 10 years or so ago. Since then they removed the page that hosted it. The link is now broken.

    It is all about reading raw memory. It worked when I first used it but now I get an exception. The exception is thrown at line 239 and it says: "Arithmetic operation resulted in overflow." At the bottom of the class there is another class "sizeT" which I copied from the link I posted. The author claims that class and another one solve the size problem. I suspect that PInvokeWin32 class was created in lieu of old hardware/disks which had much less memory and now it is all in Terabytes. I have no idea if it is true.

    I will appreciate any help.

    Thanks, - Alex

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  • You should post the source for SizeT so those who want to assist have a clue what this method does, otherwise it's a guessing game.

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  • There is a link there. That is the source. If not enough, here it is again: The code itself is there as well.

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  • This is just P/Invoke code into Win32 which supports stuff far larger than TB. The code itself also supports well over TB because a ulong is 64-bits.

    The error you're getting indicates that you've tried to add a numeric value to an integral value and it exceeded the maximum size of the type. Line 239 (in GitHub) isn't in the middle of any arithmetic operations so it doesn't line up with the error you're getting. Personally it looks like you're throwing an exception trying to handle the underlying exception. You need to step through this code to identify the actual line of code.

    All this code looks really old and so I wonder if you've bothered to see if there are newer .NET libraries to handle this logic. I don't really understand what it is trying to do. You mention reading raw memory but it looks like it is reading file systems, not memory. What I wonder is if your code is making assumptions about file system layout that isn't valid anymore. Over the years NTFS has been modified to make adjustments for larger disks and newer features. If you're trying to do raw reads of the disk I suspect you're now reading the disk wrong. That's just a guess though.

    Michael Taylor

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