[VBA + PowerPoint] Send PPT slides content in Outlook email body while preserving source format RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    I use this code to send slide content into Outlook email body automatically

    Sub sendmail()
    Dim ret As Boolean
    Dim strAddress As String
    Dim strMessage As String
    strAddress = ""
    strMessage = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange ' change to suit
    ret = SendEMail(strAddress, "From PowerPoint", strMessage)
    MsgBox "Mail sent= " & ret
    End Sub
    Public Function SendEMail(strRecipient As String, strSubject As String, strBody As String) As Boolean
    Dim oApp As Object
    Dim oMail As Object
    On Error Resume Next
    Set oApp = GetObject(Class:="Outlook.Application")
    If Err <> 0 Then Set oApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set oMail = oApp.CreateItem(0)
    With oMail
    .Subject = strSubject
    .To = strRecipient
    'copy to self
    .CC = ""
    .BodyFormat = 1
    .Body = strBody
    End With
    Set oMail = Nothing
    Set oApp = Nothing
    'All OK?
    If Err = 0 Then SendEMail = True Else SendEMail = False
    End Function

    The issue I'm having, is that it copy only in a bold dry text format and not the slide template, layout, fonts colors and sizes and background...

    How can I fix this, please?

    PS: I use Office 2010

    Warm Regards

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