Unable to share Bitmap Image and Html Content together in Windows 8 App? RRS feed

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  • I am creating an application where I am sharing a InkManager stroke by first saving the inkmanager stroke to local setting and then reading it as stream and sharing with HTML content also.

    Now the HTML content is getting shared but there is no image attached to email. If I comment the code to share html the image is getting attached while sharing through email app. But both are not getting shared at once. How can I achieve this???

    Code that I am using to share both:

    DataPackage requestData = request.Data; requestData.Properties.Title = this.PageViewModel.JobInformationDetail.JobNumber; requestData.Properties.Description = this.PageViewModel.JobInformationDetail.CustomerSignatureName; //requestData.SetText("Sample Text"); RandomAccessStreamReference signatureStream = await GetInkManagerStream(); if (signatureStream != null) { requestData.SetBitmap(signatureStream); } requestData.SetHtmlFormat(Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer.HtmlFormatHelper.CreateHtmlFormat(this.GetMailDescription()))

    Saturday, March 30, 2013 9:45 PM


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