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  • I am struggling with figuring out how to handle my QA organization's potential use of the Cloud-Based Load Testing.  I have about 30 individuals in my QA organization with MSDN Ultimate licenses.  Many of these individuals do not do Load Testing.   Ideally I would like to 'pool' all of their 15,000 Virtual User Minutes together - and have my organization be able to use those minutes for our monthly load testing, as the individuals that would be doing the testing invidually would exceed their own 15,000 Virtual User Minutes; plus - in a large organization, having individuals utilize their own MSDN benefits seems odd. 

    How does the Windows Azure Organization Account option fit into this? 

    Our company also has a Enterprise Azure Agreement - but I'm not sure how that works either - in order to determine how I would budget for these costs. 

    We would only be utilizing the Load Testing option within my team.   Please advise on how I determine what route to go and potential budget.  

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:55 PM


  • Hi Psandstrom,

    I understand that you are looking forward to know about the Azure benefits for MSDN users, every MSDN user /individual can get up to $150/month.  

    If you exceed your monthly credits, your service will be disabled for that month. You can choose to turn off your Spending Limit, and any usage each month in excess of the monthly credits will be charged at the rates specified in this offer. For more information See Monthly Azure credits.

    To grab the benefits, I recommend you to let the 30 individuals who own MSDN licenses to activate the Azure benefits.

    To activate Azure benefits, log into http://msdn.microsoft.com , select My Account and click activate azure.

    Hope this answers your query.


    Shirisha Paderu

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014 6:20 PM