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  • I'm Using Bing Maps Clustering on my ASP.NET MVC Web Application on Client Side But Unfortunately due to my large data the performance is a issue.

    So I'm planning to get the Cluster Layer from the Server Side But, I'm unable to code the Location and Pushpins. Is there any Microsoft Reference for the Bing Maps in ASP.NET MVC Web Application?

    Can you please provide a Simple Sample code for Server Side for Pushpin (collection) and Cluster.


    Friday, October 6, 2017 2:12 PM


  • When doing server side clustering the data you send to the client is just the same kind of data you would send for pushpin data. You wouldn't use the clustering layer/module in Bing Maps in this case. The idea is you form your clusters/groups of pushpins on the server side, either ahead of time in a database or on the fly for each zoom level. If doing this on the fly, store the results server memory for performance. From there, each cluster basically just needs a latitude, longitude, the number of pushpins in the cluster and an id (optional) which can be used to retrieve all pushpins that are that cluster. On the client side you simply render the cluster as a pushpin. If you want to display/link data to a cluster when it is clicked, then use the id to query your data to get all contained pushpins. Here is a really old blog post on the topic: For some of the links you might need to use the wayback machine to get access to the old blog posts:

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    Friday, October 6, 2017 11:08 PM