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  • Hi, fairly new here, if this is the wrong forum please guide me to the correct one. I had a question or a couple. RIght now my company we design window applications in a 4gl enviroment. We are currently and slowly going through a phase of converting all our window apps i 4gl to WEB apps in visual studios with the .net frame work.


    I haven't done any .net work since early 1.0 framework and to be honest it was only for about 3 months and i completely forgot everything i was taught. So i wanted to sharpen up or i should say re-learn this stuff so that i will have a good understading on it when we migrate the to a new enviroment. So now on to my first Set of questions.


    I have VS05 and i dont think i have set up my iis server quite yet. This is something i will have to do here soon. Could you point me in the right direction maybe some blogs or articles out there on what all i need to for web applications from start to finish on just setting up one that way i can get my typical hello world web app up an running for the world to see.


    NExt off this is more so my main question i came here to ask. I downloaded the Club site starter kit extended. Lets say i have my hello world up and running making sure everything is installed correctly. What all would i have to do to get that up and running. THat way i can get a good handle and feel on the stuff i will be getting myself into over the next year.


    Thanks once agian and i sincerly apologize if this is thewrong forum for this.

    Thursday, November 15, 2007 4:35 PM