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  • Hi,

    We want to use Azure CDN to host several solutions consisting of JS, CSS, etc.

    Would it make more sense to create a different CDN/endpoint for each solution, like solution1.azureedge.net, solution2.azureedge.net... or would it be better to create one CDN with sub-directories, like solutions.azureedge.net/solution1, solutions.azureedge.net/solution2, etc.

    Pro/con of each approach?



    Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:23 PM

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  • Great question Tommy.

    The advantage of a single endpoint is simplicity. No need to create additional profiles and a consistent domain, and any configuration changes will work for all. If you are doing any requests from one page to another, you can also avoid having to do cross origin requests that way.

    You would want CDN profiles for example if one just needs the 'Standard' features, and the other requires 'Advanced' features for example, or just multiple endpoints if you need different configurations for each (query string behavior, compression, etc).

    Thursday, May 26, 2016 8:01 PM
  • You can create multiple endpoints. There is a balance of how many you need to create in order to provide the best web performance vs keep the page clean and simple. Multiple unique hostnames can potentially increase the amount of parallel downloading in the page which may result in faster page response time. But too many hostnames may cause DNS lookup time delay which potentially impact your response time. Depending on how many contents there are in a page, usually people have 2-4 unique hostnames. (create 2-4 endpoints and add custom domain mapping if you use custom domains).

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