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  • Dear,

    i have a database file(dbf)( table A) on client PC. all records transfered to server daily.

    i need to capture data before sending(Send= cut) , so i can process ....

    what i did:

    created query can append linked table(A) to new table access in my PC .

    my issue that this query run many times in day, so it will append same data again and again..

    so i tried to set primary key on ID column, then query worked ok (append only new records) with no problem.

    Now another issue i faced: my dbf corrupted, i had to build again( that main ID column will start counting from the beginning)

    so i can not append any more in my table access ( ID is already found).

    any help to solve this issue....??????

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 4:16 AM


  • You need some method of determining which records are old and which records are new.  the first question I need answered is if two indentical records are ever stored in your server.  For example, your database was uploading purchases from a store.  Two people can by the same candy bar and you would end up with the same data stroed twice in your database.  If your database never contains duplicate redcords then you may have to compare the two databases to determine which records are old and which are new.

    You said you couldn't use the ID number becasue you were getting duplicate IDs.  If you have duplicate record and you can't use the ID number then you may have to use a time stamp to determine which records are new and which are old.

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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10:17 AM