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  • Hello,

    While exploring on AR/VR/MR technology (using Kinect and Microsoft Hololens) and its potential business use cases, came across your paper in internet "Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time". 

    So far our research and experiments with Hololens were around Kinect sensors for capturing RGB-D data.

    We would like to extend our R&D activities with AR/VR/MR using similar physical set up as described in your paper. However, a bit more clarifications on this set up would be very helpful. Can you kindly clarify on the following?

    1. Can we use combination of Grasshopper 5 MP Color camera and 4.1 MP NIR Camera (only one NIR model is available)?

    2. Diffractive optical element (DOE) and Laser - Detailed specifications and preferred vendors? Is this required one per POD or one for whole set up?

    3. NIR filters - Detailed specifications and preferred vendors? Or does this come with Grasshopper NIR camera?

    Physical Setup and Capture Pods as described in the paper:

    For full 360 capture of the scene, we employ N = 8 camera
    pods placed on the periphery of the room, pointing inwards
    to capture a unique viewpoint of the subject/scene. Each pod
    (Fig. 3, middle) consists of 2 Near Infra-Red cameras (NIR)
    and a color camera mounted on top of an optical bench to
    ensure its rigidity. Additionally a diffractive optical element
    (DOE) and laser is used to produce a pseudo-random pattern
    (for our system we use the same design as the Kinect V1).
    We also mount NIR filters on top of each NIR camera to filter
    out the visible light spectrum. Each trinocular pod generates
    a color-aligned RGB and depth stream using a state-of-the-art
    stereo matching technique described below. Current baseline
    used in the active stereo cameras is 15 centimeters, giving
    an average error of 3 millimeters at 1 meter distance and 6
    millimeters at 1.5 meter distance.
    In total, our camera rig uses 24 4MP resolution Grasshopper
    PointGrey cameras. All the pods are synchronized using an
    external trigger running at 30fps.

    Thanks & Regards

    Subhas Chakraborty

    (Senior Architect)

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 11:11 AM