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  • I am attempting to share some files between 2 XP32 Pro (SP3) machines. The files are on machine A, in a directory C:\F\A\B\D\. The folder C:\F\A has read permissions for user Everyone, but C:\F\A\B has read and modify permissions for user Everyone.

    Machine B is able to read the files in C:\F\A\B\D\, but gets error 13 (EACCES), "permission denied", when attempting to write files.

    If I change the permissions of C:\F\A to read and modify, machine B can write files in C:\F\A\B\D\, as desired.

    Thus, it appears that the permissions from C:\F\A are inherited by C:\F\A\B, even though C:\F\A\B's permissions are different. How could I set up sharing so machine B has read permission in C:\F\A, but modify permission in C:\F\A\B and its descendents?

    Saturday, December 10, 2011 9:43 PM

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