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  • We use a single "Issues" list on our project sites to handle several different types of issues, identified by the Category field - New Defect, Risk, Pre-existing Defect, Change, etc.  When we add a new issue, the ID is automatically generated by the system and is sequential regardless of Category.  This means that Issue 1 could be a Defect, Issue 2 coudl be a Risk, Issue 3 could be a Change, etc. 

    Is it possible to add a custom, calculated ID field that would be specific to each Category?  Therefore all "Defects" would have a sequential Custom ID (1, 2, 3, ...),. all Changes would have a sequential ID (1, 2, 3, ...), etc. even though they all exist within the same Issues list.

    I know that each Category could be implemented as it's own list, but there are reasons we're trying to avoid doing that.

    Project Server 2010
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  • Hi Mike,

    This is more of a SharePoint customisation question I'd say as the ID field is a default field in any SharePoint list so to get what you want your options probably are:

    • Create a SharePoint Designer workflow on the list to assign a custom value to your own number field based on some calculation - this might be difficult as SharePoint Designer doesn't AFAIK allow for any easy way to count list items or work with values on 'other' list items (other than the current item that is).
    • Create a SharePoint list event receiver that does what you need when new items are created.

    You might get more / better answers in a SharePoint dev forum (just don't mention Project Server as that typically scares them off! :]).

    Hope that helps,

    Martin Laukkanen (Project Server Blog -

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