Running the new HCT on the Proc gives these errors: RRS feed

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  • I have developed a lower filter driver to the CPU and I see the following errors:

    1) Inf file fails, the included sections from CPU.inf are not found, despite the fact they are in CPU.inf and the fact the chkinf.exe reports not errors (and it installs OK).

    2) WIndows 7. 7601 WITHOUT my filter driver being installed a Verifier BSOD in intelppm.sys.  Mempry leak:

    kd> !verifier 3 intelppm.sys

    Verify Level 9bb ... enabled options are:
     Special pool
     Special irql
     All pool allocations checked on unload
     Io subsystem checking enabled
     Deadlock detection enabled
     DMA checking enabled
     Security checks enabled
     Miscellaneous checks enabled

    Summary of All Verifier Statistics

    RaiseIrqls                             0x32
    AcquireSpinLocks                       0x162831
    Synch Executions                       0x0
    Trims                                  0xcca1

    Pool Allocations Attempted             0x24f443
    Pool Allocations Succeeded             0x24f443
    Pool Allocations Succeeded SpecialPool 0x24f443
    Pool Allocations With NO TAG           0x0
    Pool Allocations Failed                0x0
    Resource Allocations Failed Deliberately   0x0

    Current paged pool allocations         0x36 for 00001AA4 bytes
    Peak paged pool allocations            0x41 for 0000D21C bytes
    Current nonpaged pool allocations      0x109 for 00014A98 bytes
    Peak nonpaged pool allocations         0x1a3 for 0001EF38 bytes

    Driver Verification List

    Entry     State           NonPagedPool   PagedPool   Module

    84110ba0 Loaded           000003c8       0000001c    intelppm.sys

    Current Pool Allocations  00000008    00000001
    Current Pool Bytes        000003c8    0000001c
    Peak Pool Allocations     0000000c    00000004
    Peak Pool Bytes           00000500    00000c1c

    PoolAddress  SizeInBytes    Tag       CallersAddress
    8cb94fe0     0x00000020     Prcr      8b65ac60
    8cb92e80     0x00000180     Prcr      8b65ac35
    889f4fe0     0x0000001c     Prcr      8b65a8ba
    8cb90ff0     0x0000000c     Prcr      8b65ac05
    a6730fd8     0x00000024     Prcr      8b65b29f
    a5ba0fa0     0x00000060     Prcr      8b65b270
    8cb3cf38     0x000000c8     Prcr      8b65c1fa
    8cb54f58     0x000000a4     Prcr      8b65e9ed
    a51e4fd0     0x0000002c     Prcr      8b65be6a

    3) Windows8. QITHOUT my filter driver loaded, Error in AMDppm.sys:

    "Error  WDTF_PNP : Result: Failed to receive IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE after receiving IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL.   etc"

    I am not saying these errors do NOT occur on the other OS/platform combinations, it is just that I have only tested on these machines; Intel running Win7, AMD running Win8.

    Obviously for the submission I can get an allowance for these errors but it would be nice if they were fixed, and it would be nice to know code shipped by Microsoft actually passed the same tests mandated for other providers.

    Thursday, April 4, 2013 9:14 AM

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