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    Hello ,

    I am currently working as an financial accountant and I would like to do a career shift to be a software developer, and exactly to develop business software to make the best use of my experience and my understanding to develop different software that fit different purposes.
    I am new to the world of programming and I would like to get certified and take the right path.
    Honestly I do not know what should I do and what should I study and in which order.
    I just set my goal to develop different financial application as I know accounting and finance with some others like stock businesses very well due to my +18 years of
    practical experience and I know what are the requirements and needs that even famous ERP do not fit and require a lot of customization.
    I've chosen Microsoft as I am a windows user and used Microsoft Office since 1997.
    I did my home work and searched for what to go through and I've found different tools like:

    • .net
    • asp.net
    • c#
    • visual basic

    But honestly still do not understand what are the main differences between these tools.
    And few other things that makes me a bit confused.
    If you may suggest what to do to understand the big picture that would be awesome.

    Sorry if my question is too generic or too broad.

    One last thing I've in mind, does there is any open source financial/business application by Microsoft that I can learn and use?


    Sunday, November 10, 2019 10:33 PM

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    Server side programming: Allow you to write some code that execute on server and return response to client in specific format , normaly HTML and client side script. example ASP.Net-C#
    Client side programming: Allow you to write some code that runs on client side and do some business logic operation on client side, like Java script  that runs on client browser.

    There are several financial products in market which are open source and finance is really a broad term so you can do some research to find product for a specific area you are looking for.

    Microsoft has Business Center and Finance and Operations on cloud for ease of access, you can subscribe for free thirty days trail and use Dynamic 365. You can find detail of finance here and can try it.


    Monday, November 11, 2019 5:36 AM