WOPI Client not opening the frame holder RRS feed

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  • Hello Folks,

    I'm developing an application to Integrate with Office Online and I'm facing an issue to open the word Online.

    After discover the URL through the WopiDiscovery ("") my application get and call this URL"{my-application}/wopi/files/1&access_token=2v2loqer5jb8igkavk670xrve5ooungo&access_token_ttl=60."

    This request gets a status code 200, however my WOPI-Host is not called to retriever the document information and I'm my screen get a frame saying "We found a Problem"

    Follow the code of the frame is holding the Office Frame

    	<div layout:fragment="content">
    		<div id="page-wrapper" style="min-height: 928px;">
    			<!-- /.row -->
    			<form id="office_form" name="office_form" target="office_frame"
    				th:action="${officeAction}" method="post">
    				<input name="access_token" th:value="${access_token}" type="hidden" />
    				<input name="access_token_ttl" th:value="${access_token_ttl}"
    					type="hidden" /> <input type="hidden"
    					th:name="${_csrf.parameterName}" th:value="${_csrf.token}" />
    			<span id="frameholder"></span>
    				     var frameholder = document.getElementById('frameholder');
    		    		 var office_frame = document.createElement('iframe');
    = 'office_frame';
    		    		 office_frame.setAttribute('allowfullscreen', 'true');
    		    		 office_frame.setAttribute('style', 'width: 100%;min-height: 928px;;top: 0;left: 0;right: 0;bottom: 0;margin: 0;border: none;display: block;');

    I'd like to discover what is wrong in my requests or my frame


    Thursday, March 14, 2019 7:42 PM


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