subscription not visible as owner


  • Hello,

    At the moment im following the course about 'Enterprise Mobility Offerings – Identity & Access Management' and I'm stuck in the lab setup at the step 'Make a new (backup) global administrator.

    I created a new global administrator in the O365 admin portal under users with the follow name:

    Then i wanted this user to add to my subscription. I log in with my MSA account on the portal. There im trying to add the user to my default directory with follow option:

    'User in another Windows Azure AD directory'

    Then i get follow error:

    'no user exists with this username in a directory to which you have access'

    After that went to the new portal and there i could add the user with no problems. When i go back to the classic portal i see a user with the follow name:


    But this one a i couldn't add either as Co-administrator.

    Then i went back to the new portal. There i could add the user as owner of my subscription.

    But when I login as that user the subscription isn't visible in the new portal. 

    Do you got any idea what went wrong?

    Best regrads,


    Thursday, April 6, 2017 11:29 AM

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