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  • At present we have a VM and SQL Server installed on it with a few Dbs. All Dbs have the same structure. They are Dbs that contain the dental data of dentists.

    We want to use an elastic pool and we need to transfer the existing dbs to the elastic pool.

    1. Which elastic pool should we use eDTU or VCore. I believe eDTU may be appropriate.
    2. Basic, Standard or Premium elastic pool. Most likely Standard as our needs at present are no big. Is it true that you cannot upgrade from Basic to Standard?
    3. I will need to add/delete/modify a specific field in all elastic pool databases. I guess this can be handled through a single query?
    4. Can I have a local backup copy of each of the Dbs, in case Microsoft goes out of business…
    5. Can I copy these Dbs to somewhere else on the Cloud such a OneDrive for backup purposes.
    6. Can I do a Select query on one of the tables of one of the Dbs and view the results like I do with SSMS? Can I directly modify the value in a specific row, once I do the Select or do I need to write an Update query?

    I am sure that using a elastic pool is easy, but if you do it for the first time there are many questions.



    Saturday, May 19, 2018 7:57 AM


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