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  • The out of browser window location settings are extremely buggy.

    First I thought these were possibly security-related restrictions, but by now it's pretty clear that these are simply unintended effects.


    Example cases on a dual-monitor setup, resolution of main monitor is 2560x1600, resolution of secondary is 1280x1024, it's placed slightly bottom-right to the main one, so it's starting coordinates are 1360;2560 (most of these bugs apply for single monitor scenarios as well):


    Setup: Width: 600 Height: 600 Top: 0 Left: 2000

    Results: Application gets displayed in the center of the screen (Top: 500 Left: 980).


    Setup: Width: 2000 Height: 2000 Top: 0 Left: 0

    Results: Application gets displayed at Left: 280 Top: 0


    Width: 1280 Height: 1024 Top: 1360 Left: 2560

    Results: Top: 288 Left: 640


    Width: 3000 Height: 3000 Top: 1360 Left: 2560

    Results: Top: 1360 Left: 2560 (yes, in this case the application will be correctly put in the top left corner of the 2nd monitor as expected. If its width and height are 2500 or below, it will be displayed in the center of the main monitor, but at 3000x3000 it gets displayed at the correct coordinates...)



    Please correct window position settings for the VS RC compatible version of Silverlight, it'll make debugging a lot easier, especially in multi monitor setups.

    Thank you

    Sunday, February 28, 2010 2:32 AM


  • I know they are changing the windowing options in SLOOB.  Because that is the only form supported in Windows 7 Mobile.  Also they are adding chrome support (they showed this at MIX 2009, but was not part of Silverlight 4 Beta)...which will allow you to create Silverlight apps that have a circle chrome for example or the old-style weird shape of Windows Media Player.

    I also hope they fix the multi-monitor support like you mention.  We will find out in 2 weeks :)

    Sunday, February 28, 2010 6:53 PM