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  • Bought my first e-book. TRyEd Visio voice recognition. Am now trying Dragon natural speech. Could not get a teacher to draw Lattice form of an atom at a certain temperature (technical logical drawing). 


    NARRATOR: Why do I have to make text size 2 or 1 to get as many pages read as I can.  I like a computer in my car that takes commands for music change, and reads to me or takes mental notes (fleeting thoughts).  None of this exists out of the box.  I like to use two fingers on a screen, be read to with a gentle background music.  I prefer not say in the past 10 years I am not a good multitasked with the current software configuration.

    Oh and I have driven a lincoln with mirror tinting delayed response, seemed to go on and off forever after I figured out what the button's function was. Haha

    I drove 2000 km a week, lost all my Idea's, noise, and had under hand the hardware and software but it needed my hand and an eye.  Thankful WATSON is the size of my living room A cube van could not make him/her a travel companion...or satellite link... even a hover drone could not reflect his/her presence.


    I cannot figure the voice of (narrator) mine  (in development mode) in XP, my narrator is sooooooooo difficult to understand in intelligent words, any one ever hand a webster to the machine...already? I learned phonetics in an underfunded school.  SAY EPICTETUS, yes a ROMAN or GREEK philosopher....  Living in the hear and now.

    Question : narrator can be made beter can some one please give me the wite book on this , or some paper on using the voices developped by public at large???  I will suffer extracting text to have it read to my as I use both hands to do somthing else (complex mechanics, like watchmaking).

    Thank you. PHONETICS  æ

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